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Saturday, February 4, 2017

To be continue ...

It all begin in 1988, it was a long and cold winter, most of the people were already sleeping when a bright veil covered the night, lighting the sky of the Baikal Lake in Russia. Some of the sparks were reflected by the frozen water. Not so far from there in Irkutsk the lights were none.
At the moment when the light crossed the sky something just fell into the water. Hitting harder the water of Baikal, this falling thing cracked the ice and submerged in those dark waters. The silence was still the only thing that was possible to hear.
Suddenly a ray of light emerged the whole pushing out of the water a woman, an ebony skin with a bright pair of green eyes. The flakes of snow were covering her hair, while she was trying to stand up. She wasn't tall neither short, she was a regular woman, with a strange taste for clothing. She was just wearing a black robe and scarf, completely wet.

She started to walk with extremely difficulty on the ice, she just stopped, got her wand and said out aloud
 - A me semitam!
Right way a path just opened before her feet and she continued her way until Irkutsk.

(If you want to know what will happen, check our page next weekend )

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