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Monday, January 2, 2017

SITE NOVO, começando os trabalhos para 2017 ....

After a time thinking about "getting better" we are trying WIX, so .. please, click and check!
Literario e Literal !!! Im trying to use some great editor and I liked the stuff, so ... not now but in a few weeks we will be fully migrated to this site! I hope you all can check!!!!

Depois de muito tempo pensando em melhorias, criamos um WIX, por favor, confira nosso site Literario e Literal !!!! Estou tentando usar melhores editores e pra ser honesta curti o material, não por agora mas em algumas semana a migração será total, espero que todos gostem e cliquem pra conferir!!!

Despues de un largo tiempo intentando mejorar nuestro sitio, decidimos por WIX, por favor, ingresa para conferir Literario e Literal !!!! Estoy intentando utlizar los mejores editores para el sitio, para decirle con honestidad, me encanto!!! No por ahora pero dentro de algunas semanas ya estaremos con migracion total, por favor, invito a todos a conocer!!!!

Sempre deixando pra ultima hora!!!

Wild vs Wild - BREAKING HEART, go crazy, shit as a shit, we dont know what to think

Why do we have to be wild? Some of my greatest question are all around it. We are cooler, greater, well every time we go wild. Well, sometimes being wild is facing the fuckin truth every single day, like nightmares for example. There are fucking nights that i wake up wondering why did I have that fucking shit rolling in my mind. Well I guess this is another post about feelings, and as someone told me " life is for living" ok, maybe ...

I know that feeeling ....

Most of us is stuck, maybe it aint the word im looking for, but unfinished business, maybe we go and we keep thinking about that fucking person who screwed our lives. Maybe its just us, or a part of us that enjoy the sorrow, some of us tend to love this falling apart feeling, or maybe crying a river for nothing, but all of this crap make us who we are

We all make promises, but promises that we dont keep, well, I would say " do not promise things you can keep up" because if you promise your love, promise you'll be there, please, be there, but some people just go, some of the rules of love I learnt from pain, DO NOT PROMISE 

Another and important lesson that i can share is that we wont be sad forever, if someone pushes you to laugh or have a life before you get though it, fuck it. Time  goes by and believe me, YOU WONT BE SAD FOREVER.

WAKE UP! We wonder that our loved ones will just wake up and fight for us, or maybe its something that we listen, but then I ask you ... " should we fight? should we be there? should we go and fight for someone who doesnt wanna be with us?" Its just crap! I heard something similar in the past and guess what? I DIDNT FIGHT, there's no fight left when you already lost the war. BELIEVE ME, SOME PEOPLE ARE NOT WORTH FIGHTING FOR

Guess what is worst? When poeple think u are whore just because you lost your feelings somewhere else. There are some days that we wake up thinking about our lives, dreams, passion, and we just wonder, where am I? Why am I in this? DONT BE AROUND SOMEONE JUST BECAUSE. BE THERE BECAUSE OF PASSION, SPARK, FAITH, HEAT AND EVERYTHING ELSE, if you are not on it, GET UR ASS OFF

Well .. have you ever faced you ex? Have you ever had the feeling that you could face that shit again? Well, we are fucking able to face them, but we dont wanna, thats it. After a period of time we can face them again and we wont feel hurt by them. Maybe it sounds like shit but its true, I heard that from lots of friends, family but the time showed me the truth, as we know, life is for living. One da or another you will face that motherfucker, and even if your not prepare DO NOT FORCE YOURSELVES, IF YOU WANNA FEEL HURT, FEEL IT

In the end, I would say that we cannot fake anything, we just have to feel it, because the idea of breaking a heart is terrible, but we need to be thankful for these sad moments, cause they make worth the good ones, maybe it may sound silly, but its true, Ive been through hell before heaven and I know the feeling, if you wanna care about, DO IT, if you wanna cry for 3 nights in a row, just do it so, but please, be aware to the good feelings, LIFE IS FOR LIVING, you are unique and you had a relationship with urselves much more time, love yourself, stand up for good vibes, in the end THIS SHIT WILL BE JUST ANOTHER CHAPTER.



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