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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Hello ... it's me!

I think every single soul in this world heard Adele's song : Hello. Well, let's see ... call my ex? I DONT THINK SO ...

Well, let's some some reasons why ....

1 - I am married :)
2 - I cheated on her :)
3 - Apparently I am dead x.x
4 - She is leaving a beautiful straight life :)
5 - I am a liar
6 - Go over? Impossible 'cause I am blocked in every single social media
7 - Million Miles? YES - Andes por exemple
8 -  I am sorry for everything that I've done ... Yeah, maybe!
9 - If I say hello maybe she will think that I am still in love, people are really weird
10 - I am an egotripping bitch. I always said " I and I "
11 - I cannot for a second get to thinkin' I AM IRREPLACEABLE

12 -  I don't like messin' up with someone this way,
13 - Of course, I dont wanna receive a email with my flaws
14 - I am not Adele, I dont have full 3 albuns talking about her
15 - 'Cause the truth was .... replacing her was so easy :)

If you wanna put a face on this :
that's me, right? hahahahahah, I would never add her pic, shame on me! hahahaha

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